Isn’t it time to regain control and simplify your home life?

Spiffy Chicks partners with homeowners to restore order so that your spaces are both functional and easy to maintain.  



We specialize in home organization and we are here to help you if, for example:

  • your child's bedroom has become unmanageable,
  • you can't find important paperwork,
  • your pantry is in complete chaos,
  • your medicine cabinet is overflowing with expired medication, 
  • or your master closet is bulging with clothes that might fit again.

We will help you make sense of it all...and make the process enjoyable!  We dare say, even fun!

In addition to in-home assistance, Spiffy Chicks also offers online consultations. During these Skype or FaceTime sessions, we will preview your space and provide you with a plan, complete with product recommendations to take your space up a notch in both function and form.


$90/hour per organizer*

Have a budget?  Let us know. We can work with you to design a service package that will fit your budget and satisfy your organizing goals.


*Time/travel expenses apply 30 minutes outside Lamorinda.


You are...setting kids up for independent habits.

“What I love is that you are creating habits, which last forever. There is so little time (it feels like) to be conscious about the habits you are nurturing in your kids and through changes in organization and structure, you are making families work more easily together and setting kids up for independent habits..”

— Lafayette, CA

No better Christmas present...It's beyond my imagination.

I told [my husband] that there is literally no better X-mas present than this.  It's beyond my imagination.


— Lafayette, CA

I've gone in to visit and admire several times today.

“Ladies, thank you SO much for your time well spent today. You did a great job of steering me through the whole closet process, and I've gone in to visit and admire several times today. I really, really appreciate your help and your insights. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and professionalistm.”

— Orinda, CA


Find your zen.