How we do it...

Spiffy Chicks breaks down every project into the same, manageable steps.  

Step 1:  We start with a free consultation either by phone or in person.  We want to understand YOU, your space, and your goals.  What’s working?  What’s not? What are you hoping for?

Step 2:  We calendar work sessions – usually 3-4 hours each.  During those sessions, we empty out the space (yes everything!), sort, purge, and then “containerize” in a way that maximizes the space, suits how you want to function in the space, and makes retrieval easy.

Step 3:  We make the clutter disappear. Spiffy Chicks can take it away for you or share our resources for how you can best donate, sell, recycle, or dispose of unwanted items.

We have found that while we LOVE organizing, many of our clients find that 3-4 hours of organizing is their maximum.  For this reason, Amy and Dustie work together on most projects.  Having two professional organizers on the project allows us to be in and out of your space as fast as possible.  On a budget?  No problem.  Let us know and we can create a plan to get you where you want to go, giving you a bit more "homework" along the way.  

If you are ready to tackle your project on your own, but are looking for some guidance and accountability, Spiffy Chicks also offers Skype and FaceTime consultations.  We can tour the space you'd like to address, provide you with a detailed plan and product recommendations, and even support you with with check-ins along the way to keep you on track.  There is nothing like a date on the calendar to stay accountable and get projects complete!