Where should everything go?

Whether you are starting a remodel project or getting ready to move back in, Spiffy Chicks can work with you to strategize and make sense of your new space.



Taking a remodeling project from start to finish can be a daunting, time-consuming task. With so much focus on the aesthetic, sometimes functionality falls by the wayside.  Spiffy Chicks can walk through your plans to ensure your space will be functional.  If you have finished construction, Spiffy Chicks will move you back in, making sure that the placement of your belongings works to maximize the efficiency afforded by the new space.



$90/hour per organizer*

Have a budget?  Let us know. We can work with you to design a service package that will fit your budget and satisfy your organizing goals.


*Time/Travel expenses apply 30 minutes outside of Lamorinda.



It all makes so much sense.

“We had the movers unpack us and I could never find anything. It all makes so much sense now and I won't be buying duplicates of everything!  Thank you so much!”

— Alamo, CA.

You made me confident about the design path we were going down.

“I was so stressed out that all of our things wouldn't fit in the new kitchen that I paused the project. Walking through the planning process with you made me confident about the design path we were going down and comfortable to move forward.  

— Orinda, CA

I am beyond ecstatic.

“I was in decision making overload (with this remodel) and really had no idea if I wanted drawers or cabinets or lazy susans or what. I am beyond ecstatic that you stepped in to help me figure it all out and I can't wait for the new baking center to come to life.”

— Alamo, CA




Get it right the first time.

Whether you want to go all out on new containers or use what you have, Spiffy Chicks can give your new space the look and, most importantly, the functionality and efficiency it deserves.