Our Services

Spiffy Chicks offers a full range of organizing services for individuals and small businesses.


How We Do It:

  • Step 1:  Free consultation and estimate.  We want to understand YOU.  What’s working?  What’s not working?
  • Step 2:  Work sessions – usually 3 hours each.  We empty out the space, sort, purge and then “containerize” in a way that helps make your life simple and efficient.
  • Step 3:  Getting rid of the “clutter” – We can take it away for you or make recommendations on how you can do it yourself.


Do we usually work together?  Absolutely.  Having two professional organizers on the project allows us to get in and out of your space as fast as possible.  Want to work with us?  Great!  You can even recruit other family members and friends if you’d like.



Our hourly rate is $90/hour per organizer.*  The final cost for each project is driven by:

1) The degree to which you want to participate.

2) The speed at which you are able to make decisions about the items in the space, and

3) The amount of supplies you want to purchase.


Have a fixed budget?  We can work with that.  We'll give you guidance and more "homework" than if we were to do the project ourselves.


*For projects 30 minutes beyond Lamorinda, time and travel expenses will be applied.


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